This is a valuable training tool – glad we made the investment.” – Erin M, Harmony Cellars

“The content delivered really hits a chord with our winery’s team and delivers the building blocks we need to grow and be successful. Thank you!” – Ryan M. Hospitality Sales Manager, Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard

We love it. Our GM watched the DVD, raved about it, then immediately set up an all-hands staff meeting and had everyone watch it through as a group. Soon we’ll have a follow-up meeting and re-watch it as a group to help cement home the lessons. The ancillary support materials are also very valuable and useful. I was just scanning through them again today and seeing so many lessons that I’ve learned the hard way over the years, and never sat down to document.” – Tim Slater, Sarah’s Vineyard

“We are very pleased with the Sales Training Package, including the workbook and DVD from the Winery Advisor.  We are having our staff watch it 3 or 4 times to pick up all the sales tips, closing techniques, wine club selling and the rest of the information. The additional reports on merchandising, best practices and employee management were also very useful. I wholeheartedly endorse this
training package.” – Greg Missick, Villa Bellangelo Winery

“Winery Advisor has been instrumental in our direct to consumer marketing approach and increasing our tasting room and club sales. The tasting room sales training has been a big help.” – Mike Giubbini, Rotta Winery

“Barrie Cleveland provided significant help in expanding and enhancing our sales…his sales class provided thorough and effective education.  Our wine club sales improved over 300% in the first month!      – Robert Simpson, Owner Whalebone Winery

Buy Sales Training Program Now and grow your tasting room profits in 2016

“The class that Barrie provided for our winery was a great refresher for our staff and management. He had great ideas and improvements for our tasting room and gave us an opportunity to discuss our business techniques with our staff. Barrie was very enthusiastic about helping improve  our tasting room which leads to a start of great success!”– Carrie Naylor, Ventana Vineyards

“The WA tasting room sales training is an incredible value and was appreciated by our new staff as well as our seasoned veterans.” – Jennifer Salisbury Rucks, Salisbury Vineyards

Online & Social Media Marketing

“I recently finished the “How-to Facebook for Wineries” training with you, and am very pleased with the quick growth of our Facebook Likes and interactions.  The over the phone sessions were convenient and the information specific to our business.  As the “Winery Advisor,” you were able to clearly outline the concepts and show me how to create compelling content while online, in real time.  The written follow-up after each session has been useful to review. Barrie, as a wine industry veteran, you understand our industry and how to use social media to drive traffic to Facebook.  I would highly recommend the “How-to Facebook for Wineries” training.” – Fran Clow, Executive Administrator, Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Association

“I had virtually no online presence so no one could find my business.  I now have a blog, Facebook & Twitter pages and additional sites showing my work.  My sites are all interconnected and optimized and I started getting calls almost immediately.” – Will Chubb, Commercial Wine Country Photographer

“Yesterday, we have a delightful group of guests visit us from South Dakota.  They had traveled up and down the California Coast and had done most of their wine research on California Winery Advisor.com.  They chose Morovino as their stop in Avila because of the reviews and the “advisor favorite” designation.  Our total sales to that group will cover the cost of our advertising on California Winery Advisor for the next couple of years.  Yippee!”  -Andrea Bradford, Morovino Wines

“Barrie Cleveland is the mastermind behind the California Winery Advisor website. Through his website I have tons of inquiries to visit our winery…” – Jaime Glenn, Marketing Director, Villa San-Juliette

I think the CWA website is awesome. Especially with the video.   – Jackie Katz, Riverbench Winery

“Their website drives the customer to our tasting room and then the sales seminar refines how we present our product – making the Winery Advisor one of the best investments around.” – Jennifer Salisbury Rucks, Salisbury Vineyards

“We are very pleased being associated with Winery Advisor and appreciate your support.”  – Susan West, Jada Vineyards & Winery

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