Tasting Room Sales & Management Package

Give your tasting room staff the resources they need to be a skilled, motivated and confident sales team. The DVD video is based on our successful on-site training program which has transformed tasting rooms to be more friendly and more profitable. You will see immediate results with increased bottle and case sales and more club memberships. The package includes the 50-minute DVD, our Sales Training Workbook plus a tasting room management bundle of documents and reports providing ongoing support.

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DVD Format

Harvest SPECIAL – Save $120 $795 – $675 for package

Tasting Room Package Includes:           

Sales Training DVD – use repeatedly for your staff training

  • Understanding your job and the tasting room visitor
  • Hospitality, customer service & serving
  • Sales process, buy signals & overcoming objections
  • Closing: How to ask for, and get, the sale
  • Special Section: How to sell the wine club
  • Sales Training Workbook – supports the DVD training

Tasting Room Management Bundle

  • Management Coaching Forms – used by management for staff counseling
  • 56 Tasting Room Best Practices – improve business practices & procedures
  • Sample Job Descriptions – staff & management samples used for hiring
  • Compensation Incentives – incentive options to reward your staff
  • Merchandising – sourcing products and improving merchandise sales
  • Winery Advisor “Customer Service Ten Commandments”
  • The Winery Advisor “Wine Club Success” plan
This package has all the materials you need to transform your tasting room to a successful and very profitable part of your business. Buy now and we will send you the DVD package along with downloadable documents that you may use throughout your organization.